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Show hidden characters in VS Code

How to show hidden characters in VS Code?
F1 -> Type: 'Toggle Render Whitespace'

// OR

Settings -> Search for 'Render Whitespace' -> Set to 'All'

Sometimes you may also need to display hidden characters - such as spaces or tabs - in the code editor. VS Code does not have a dedicated shortcut for this in the default setting, but fortunately, it is easy to enable and disable displaying whitespace characters.

Solution 1

The fastest way is to press F1 and type 'Toggle Render Whitespace' in the input field that appears. Hint, if you just type 'render' that might be enough. Select the option and toggle the value by pressing Enter

Solution 2

Open the settings panel. File --> Preferences -> Settings In the search box, type 'render whitespace'. Then select the all option if you want to see the tabs and spaces everywhere.


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Show hidden characters in VS Code