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Send JSON data with Postman

How to send JSON data with Postman?
1. Select 'Body' > 'raw' > 'JSON' 
2. Paste your JSON data into the textarea

Today, many applications use different API calls in client-server communication. Data is very often received and sent in JSON format. For this reason, you may need to test using the well-known Postman application to create a POST request where the data to be sent is in JSON format.

Fortunately, you can do this easily, all you need to do is follow the few steps below:

  1. Set the method and the endpoint URL.

    Define method and endpoint in Postman

  2. Select the Body tab

    Postman request body
  3. Select the raw option
  4. Select JSON from the available types.
  5. Copy the JSON string into the input field.

    Set raw and json type for the body

When the above operations are performed, Postman will automatically insert Content-Type  into the Header elements, setting it to application/json .

Content-Type set to application/json

Now you just need to send the request by pressing the Send button.

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Send JSON data with Postman