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Check if virtualization is enabled In Windows11

How to check if virtualization is enabled In Windows11?
Task Manager -> Performance -> Virtualization

// Or in PowerShell
Get-ComputerInfo -property "HyperVisorPresent"

If you want to use virtualization on your Windows machine, the first thing you need to check is whether it is enabled in the BIOS. Of course, rebooting the machine and entering the BIOS is not very convenient. Fortunately, you can find out quite easily without BIOS. 
Just open Task Manager and select the Performance tab. Here under the Utilization chart, you will find a small text summary. Here you can also find the current virtualization status.

Task Manager Virtualization check



Another method is to use PowerShell. Run the following command:

Get-ComputerInfo -property "HyperVisorPresent"

The result will show if virtualization is enabled on your machine:



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Check if virtualization is enabled In WIndows11