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Change default terminal in VS Code

How to change default terminal in VS Code?
1. F1 or CTRL + SHIFT + P
2. Type 'tsdp' and select 'Terminal: Select Default Profile'
3. Select the terminal you want to use from the list

There are several ways to change the default shell or terminal in VS Code.

Change default terminal using the Command Palette

Perhaps one of the easiest is to use the Command Palette:

  1. Press F1 to open the Command Palette. (Or you can use CTRL + SHIFT +P )
  2. Type tsdp in the input field and select the Terminal: Select Default Profile option:

  3. VS Code lists all available options and you cen select the terminal you want.

Modify default terminal using the Terminal window

You can change the default terminal directly from the actual terminal window:

  1. Open the terminal menu using the small drop down icon in the top right corner of terminal window.
  2. Choose the Select Default Profile option:
  3. Select the default shell you want to use.

Set default terminal in VS Coode settings menu

To change the default shell you can also use the VS Code settings menu.

  1. Open settings with the CTRL + , keyboard shortcut or select it from the File menu: File -> Preferences -> Settings
  2. Select 'Terminal' under the 'Features' node.

  3. Scroll down until you find the entry Integrated > Default Profile
  4. Select the shell you want to use as the default.

Set default terminal using the settings.json file

Of course you can set the default terminal using the settings.json file.

  1. Open the settings.json file. For example by pressing F1 type ous and select Preferences: Open User Settings (JSON)
  2. Add the following key to the file: "terminal.integrated.defaultProfile.windows"
  3. Set the value to the shell you want to use as default. For example:
    • "PowerShell"
    • "Git Bash"
    • "Command Prompt"
    • "zsh"


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